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30 June 2015 @ 05:23 pm
Relevant to ALL my interests  
I'm always in flux when it comes to my interests. TV shows end, new ones come back. I watch a movie and need to see it again and again. I read a book, and the story continues long after I've read that final page. Here a few things clogging up my mind at the moment.

Movies (and books):

Vampire Academy: I watched this a couple months ago (and then re-re-re-re-re-re-watched it) and meant to post about this and book adaptations in general. Overall, I liked VA far more than I should have, and I'm disappointed that the movie studio essentially screwed it over and killed the possibility for the sequels. Because, man, this movie was fun and stylistic and captured the YA "voice". I thought Zoey Deutch portrayed Rose perfectly, and it was nice to see Lissa outside of Rose's POV and be more proactive and assertive within the film. Even the changes they made from book-to-film didn't bother me as much as they should've because I could see they were trying to streamline things. (And even some of the changes I noticed were actually references from the other books in the series. So, good job, Dan and Mark Waters; it's clear you guys read the entire series.)

After watching VA a couple of times, I decided to re-read the series because I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the series (for the most part). You know what? It holds up pretty well, 8 years later. I'm on Blood Promise right now, and IIRC that one was my favorite out of the series. (It actually might be Shadow Kissed/Blood Promise/maybe Spirit Bound. . . that are my favorite as a "set".) The only problem, is I realized I don't have the last two books in the series in my collection. Added to that, THEY CHANGED THE COVERS. Erin's Pet Peeve #310: When book publishers change the covers for book series. It's even worse when they changed the covers AS THE BOOKS ARE COMING OUT! (FYI: Pet Peeve #311 is when the covers are replaced with movie-tie-in covers and that's all you can find. GRRRRRR. . .)

I'm going to try hunting down the last two books in their original covers at a second-hand bookstore or online at some point. For now, once I get through Blood Promise, it'll be to the library for the last two books.

Imogen Poots: I'm trying to go through Imogen Poots's film catalog. . . and boy is it a struggle sometimes. As much as I enjoyed Need For Speed, it isn't exactly "high art" even though it attempts to take itself more seriously than it should. Greetings From Tim Buckley and The Look of Love were boring. Christopher and His Kind was a shitty upload on YouTube and I had to sit through more of Matt Smith than Imogen Poots. (I think I've made it evident I'm not a fan of Matt Smith.) I really don't have a desire to see That Awkward Moment, but I might at some point to be a completist. And I still need to see 28 Weeks Later straight through, among her other films.

There's a couple things I noticed in her filmography. 1. She's generally the sole female character in a cast of full of men. It's. . . odd, considering she's given a few quotes on being a feminist. Yet the projects she chooses tend to be male-centric. I'm sure this has more to do with the movie industry as a whole. But, and this is point 2., her "sole female" characters tend to have a lot more depth and independence than the typical lone female. I'm assuming this a conscious effort on Poots's part--and perhaps I'm a bit bias because I do like her as an actress--but she's a capable actress and able to inject layers into her characters. Movie critics tend to agree on this point: She's gotten good reviews on two of her upcoming movies, A Country Called Home and Green Room. I just wish her "good" acting was reflected in picking "good movies".

Next Up: A Late Quartet, probably. Or A Long Way Down.

On the TV front:

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: I'm only two episodes in, but I'm really digging this mini-series. (No, I haven't read the book, but it has gone on The List.) I love the budding rivalry between Strange and Mr. Norrell, and how different their approaches to magic are: Norrell's is the logical, practical approach, whereas Strange is more spectacular and creative. Aesthetically, the show is gorgeous. Norrell's library would make any book lover weep with glee (and envious). I have my theories on how the prophecy is going to play out. (DON'T SPOIL ME IF YOU KNOW!) Both of my theories seem "trope-y"; so I hope I'm wrong and the story veers in a different direction. The story seems to rely on "things aren't what they seem at first". I'm hoping this extends to all the moving parts of the prophecy.

Penny Dreadful: So, I know I've made my boredom of Hannibal this season pretty clear. Luckily, PD has stepped up its game this year. The show has toned down S1's BLOOD! GUTS! and overall shock value, and is doubling down on its characters and exploring their inner demons. If you would've told me a year ago I'd actually start to feel sorry for the Creature/Caliban/John Clare/whatever the fuck he's calling himself these days, I would've laughed. But god damn, if this show isn't doing a number on fleshing out these characters and making me question who is "good", who is "bad", and who is "problematic". I sorta blame Vanessa. Good god can she make anyone redeemable and interesting by sharing a scene with them. I loved her conversation(s) with the Creature and MY KINGDOM for an entire episode where Vanessa trolls Victor during shopping trips.

Ep. 3 was a bit of a speed bump with another flashback episode devoted to Vanessa. I have no problem with Eva Green or Vanessa Ives; I just wish they could devote more flashbacks and backstory to ALL the characters. Especially to Semebene. Though given the trajectory of this season, I do think we're about to "end" Vanessa's story and it looks like S3 will be focused on one--perhaps two--of the other characters.

On top of all that, I have a new favorite reaction gif:

Poldark: Rhoda, this may be relevant to your interests, too, as it stars Aidan Turner. Again: Two episodes in, but I'm already hooked. It is pleasant to look at--the long, sweeping shots of the English countryside are gorgeous. Eleanor Tomlinson is adorable as Demelza. Her attempts to curtsy (and her overall awkwardness) speaks to me on a spiritual level. But she's bold and willingly to speak her mind. . . even if it doesn't come at the best time. The only thing driving me nuts at this point is the character conflict that isn't getting resolved because NOBODY IS HAVING A FRANK CONVERSATION. It's a lot of dancing around in circles, or someone arrives to actually have a discussion, but then rides off after being offended. FUCKING TALK TO EACH OTHER OMG. Because of Tumblr, I know (vaguely) how the series progresses, so it's not bugging me as much. But. . . I want to shake these two characters and jump onto the good stuff.

Then, there's Aidan Turner. Let me just say, Rhoda, I GET IT NOW. I was pretty ambivalent towards Turner in Being Human. (George was my precious baby, and Hal > Mitchell, sorry, not sorry.) But in Poldark, it's like his hotness got turned up to eleven. Period clothing--waist coats in particular--make any man 100% hotter, IMO. On the surface, Ross Poldark is kinda an ass. He's stubborn, but driven; a coward, but seems willingly to buck society when it suits his needs; flaunts his status--or at least the family name--over those beneath him, but can be kindhearted to those in need. (He reminds me a little bit of Scarlett O'Hara, tbh.) And yet, I'm strangely attracted to it??? I get giddy and clappy-squee when he comes on screen. There are these tiny moments where he cracks a smile or throws out some 18th Century Sass and I'm, like, "Yep. Totally digging this right now." I surrender. You win, Poldark/Aidan Turner. Just. . . .

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rhoda_rants: vampires of venicerhoda_rants on June 30th, 2015 11:25 pm (UTC)


The VA movie is terrific--I'm sorry it tanked at the box office, it really deserved so much better. I think it might be a timing thing--people are over teen vampire stuff at the movies, and there's no way to know it's going to be any different unless you've read the books, y'know? It's unfortunate. But YES, it's a good series!

I read about a third of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and kinda got bored? I dunno, I can see what people like about it, but for some reason trudging through a whole one book that size--I can't do it, not with the Victoriana, at least not anymore. It's probably a failing of mine, but I was thrilled when I found it was going to be a series. That might be the perfect format for it. I'll have to check it out when Penny Dreadful is wrapped for the season!

Speaking of which, PENNY DREADFUL! Totally agreed on Caliban/Adam/The Monster becoming weirdly sympathetic this season. He had his moments last season too, but I'm definitely liking him more this time around. Possibly because there's just less of him, and he has stuff to do when he's not bothering Victor? He and Victor bring out the worst in each other, I think--they're both much less annoying when they're not in same scene.

And Eva Green is a goddess, of course, where the hell is her Emmy nomination already? I hope "Lily" takes her up on that offer to go shopping "just us girls," because so much could happen there, and it would all be awesome. And obviously Ethan Chandler has my heart forever and ever. <3 <3 <3 Best onscreen werewolf EVER. Just throwing that out there.

And DUUUUUDE, people at the library have been asking for Poldark and I had *no idea* it starred Aiden Turner! THANK YOU!!! I'll have to add that one too!

GAH! There's way too much good TV on right now--I don't have time for this!

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Erin: film: GWTW - Scarlett & Melliexerinmichellex on June 30th, 2015 11:57 pm (UTC)
Hee! I read your review on candycorncomm of VA after I saw it the first time and agree with everything you put there. Although, I kinda just want a hot Russian for the sole purpose of kicking my ass into shape.

I read about a third of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and kinda got bored?

Yeah, I know it's a tome. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw it was 800-pages. It's one of those books, like Gone With the Wind, where I'd have to set aside a month for it, and not knock it out in a day or 2 like I do most books.

From what I've seen, people who've read the book are digging the mini-series; even though lots of it is being condensed and/or dropped completely.

Possibly because there's just less of him, and he has stuff to do when he's not bothering Victor?

That could be it. I think Victor has gotten creepier, too, regarding Lily. Yet, I don't mind them when they're with Vanessa. LOL Maybe that's her superpower, she makes creepy men less creepy and brings out their good sides. But it's amazing: within two episodes Caliban gets put into his place (Yay!) and then something horrible happens and I'm like :(((((( towards him. I hate myself for caring, but damn it, I am human.

DUDE! There's a revelation (of sorts) about Ethan in Ep. 9 that is going to make you squeal. I know I did when it happened.

Poldark is airing right now on PBS! It's their Masterpiece programming on Sundays right now. First two eps. are on On-Demand. FYI, the first is getting taken off on July 4th for Comcast; not sure about other providers. Maybe since you've dropped Hannibal, this could take its place. . . .? Otherwise, the DVD is coming out early July.
rhoda_rants: brandon leerhoda_rants on July 1st, 2015 03:08 am (UTC)
Hot Russians are good for many occasions! *tips hat*

That's encouraging that book fans approve of Jonathan Strange, the show. There's no way they'd be able to get in everything in a mini-series.

DUDE! There's a revelation (of sorts) about Ethan in Ep. 9 that is going to make you squeal. I know I did when it happened.
Eeeeeee! Preemptive squealing, sorry, but I'm looking forward to Ethan and Vanessa side-trip to the Cut-Wife's cottage. I think that's the next one I have to watch. Not sure if I should be calling this yet, but OTP!!!

FYI, the first is getting taken off on July 4th for Comcast; not sure about other providers. Maybe since you've dropped Hannibal, this could take its place. . . .?
Well that's rubbish--that's pretty much the day I was planning on binge-watching half this stuff. I get the day off, so it's convenient. Eh, maybe I can grab just that one on July 3rd when I get home.

OH WAIT! I We get the 3rd off, too! Since it's a Friday this year! Okay!

And I haven't "dropped" Hannibal per se, it's just not holding my interest enough to watch it right now. I'm much more feeling Orphan Black and Penny Dreadful, so I'm devoting my binge-watching time to them.
Erin: tv: Hannibal - Hannibal Lecterxerinmichellex on July 2nd, 2015 07:37 pm (UTC)
I just remembered that I was going to give you a heads up about last week's episode of Hannibal (Ep 4): Bella's storyline comes back and I remember we had a lengthy discussion about it and it is very realistic and honest, and I want you to prep yourself.