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So, uh, that was a premiere, I guess

I'm posting this here because it's my sandbox, and rather than go into other people's sandboxes and kick sand in their faces, I'll do it in my own sandbox. Ya'll, that Hannibal premiere? I'm underwhelmed. No, scratch that, I'm pissed.

Pro-Tip: Don't make your premiere feel like a filler episode.

Just. . . nothing exciting happened. Nothing. At least, nothing that wasn't predictable--especially if you know the source material. (Which. . . this is not boding well for the Red Dragon half of the season.)

But seriously, what the fuck was this episode? It felt like an extended "Previously On. . ." even though it was all new footage. Dull, meandering footage that could've been condensed and worked into a better, more exciting premiere. We already know Hannibal tracked down Bedelia after the Red Dinner and she absconded with him. We already know Bedelia killed a patient Hannibal sent her, she realized he manipulated her into killing said patient, and then he helped her cover it up*. I'm having trouble reconciling Fuller's claim that "Bedelia is the smartest person on the show" when clearly this episode highlighted that she's questioning her decision to abscond with Hannibal. And. . . well, there was something else I had a question on that I now can't remember. . . Something Hannibal or someone did that I didn't understand why they were doing it and I thought I missed something. . . (I think I zoned out a couple of times during my boredom. NOT A GOOD SIGN, SHOW!)

Of course, YMMV. I've made it pretty clear I couldn't give two shits about Bedelia; Gideon has over-stayed his welcome; Hannibal needs to strangled by his Murder Tie.

At least the promo looked like the old Hannibal I enjoyed. You're still on notice, show.

Also: With all the talk about Hannibal, and cannibalism, and food not knowing it's being eaten--basically whatever was going on in the scenes between Hannibal and Gideon (I've kinda forgot the specifics)--if the series doesn't end with Will eating Hannibal, I will buy a fucking Carmen Sandiego Hat and eat it.

*I feel like maaaaaybe this will be explored in a later episode. But why fucking bring it up for a short spell if you intend on exploring it later down the line???
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