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Just got back from Jurassic World

First Point: Theaters should really ban parents from bringing their toddlers to PG-13 movies. Especially movies that border into the scary territory. We had a toddler screaming her head off for 15 minutes before an usher came. Keep your fucking kids at home.

About the movie: I thought it was a good, summer blockbuster. Admittedly, I might have been riding on a nostalgia high because there were a lot of nods and winks to Jurassic Park (and to the book supposedly). I think the series is redeemed after Jurassic Park III. Jurassic World is more action-packed than the first. It tried to juggle a lot of subplots. Some of these subplots worked. Others. . . not so much. Most of the characters are one-dimensional. The only character that goes through any arc is Bryce Dallas Howard's; but it's the atypical, cold businesswoman grows a heart and realizes there's more to life than money. Also, if they plan on remaking/rebooting Indiana Jones, don't be surprised if Chris Pratt gets the part.

Non-spoilery Bits:

--I came out of the movie questioning my own thoughts regarding zoos, and circuses, and anything else that puts animals on display. I know there's been a lot of vocal outcry after the deaths at Sea World and Sea World's overall treatment of their animals. (Some people who've seen the movie feel like one of the Jurassic World deaths was pointedly taking on Sea World; I can't comment to the validity of that, though.)

I think it was obviously the director and writer(s) intention to parallel Jurassic World with our real life fascination of going to the zoo or animal entertainment parks. Even the freaking dino petting zoo made me uncomfortable, as I flashed back to my own experiences of riding a pony that's rigged to one of those walking circles. That pony's existence wasn't solely for my own, personal pleasure. So, yeah. . . I think it's going to be a long time before I go to a zoo again.

--I miss the animatronic dinosaurs. I don't think the CGI was bad per se. IDK. The human-dino interactions felt cold compared to the OG and The Lost World because I knew in my head the actors were acting with empty spaces. Though one scene was very touching and I might've choked up. (I was emotionally compromised before the film because we got the trailer for Max and just nooooooope.)

--Every time they used the "Jurassic Park Theme", I got chills. Every. Time.

--For the first time, I felt bad for the Velociraptors. I've always thought they were cool; but never have I been like "Nooooo, don't hurt them!" I also thought Pratt's "ability" to handle the raptors was on point and made sense and didn't take away from the fact that the raptors were dangerous creatures. *shrugs*

Relatedly: LOL I see you movie trying to explain why the Jurassic Park Velociraptors don't look like the real life Velociraptors.

--I completely forgot I was in public, and during the climatic fight I might've let out an audible "Fuck, yeah." Oops. Seriously, guys, it was so satisfying, both in honor of the OG movie and redeeming JP3.

Spoilery Bits:

[Spoilers for Jurassic World]

--Loved the all the OG nods: the boys stumbling on the old compound, complete with the old merchandise, Tim's binoculars, and old Jeeps; the statue of Mr. Hammond in the Visitors' Center; the hologram Dilophosaurus that appeared during the raptor attack; THE SAME T-REX FROM THE OG MOVIE; lol Dr. Malcolm's "cameo" on the back of the book.

--Zara's death was very, very traumatic. That's all.

--My favorite scene was when Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) went and got the T-Rex. Two boss-ass bitches sharing the same screen.

--THAT FUCKING CLIMATIC FIGHT!!! I don't care how OTT or cheesy it was. The T-Rex and Velicoraptor coming together and kicking ass and then parting as "friends". (The nostalgia, man, it got to me.) Fuck yeah, Teamwork!

I don't know where I'd put World. . . definitely behind Jurassic Park and probably The Lost World (mainly for nostalgia). All I was hoping was that World would be better than Jurassic Park III, and in my opinion, it was. So, good job, folks.
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