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Celebrating "New Who"

I'm posting this today to give anyone who wants to join in the chance to do so.

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of "Rose", the beginning of the Doctor Who era known as "New Who", and the introduction of new fans to a show that's span 50 years. I didn't start watching Doctor Who until 2009, when I caught the last 15 minutes of "Doomsday" on TV. Over the years, my relationship with Doctor Who has gone up and down; but it still remains an important TV show. And ONE DAY I will complete that DW Re-Watch.

For the past week, fans on Tumblr have participated in "Celebrating New Who" week with each day devoted to a different theme. I've combined the meme into one, very long post. Obviously, I couldn't capture all my favorite stuff so here's my Doctor Who tag on Tumblr which has even MORE Doctor Who goodies.

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Just to be a completist

Since I've rounded up all the other Hannibal news:

So there you go. It's a Thursday--so not the Time Slot of Death--and not too terribly late in the summer.

(FWIW: Still in the bottom-level of expectations because the more I think about things from S2 and the details that have come out. . .I'm just not as excited as I was during the S1 into S2 wait. I'm sure my excitement will rev up once we get closer and once the show is actually on the air. But, with Orphan Black, Sleepy Hollow, and Hannibal all faltering in their second seasons after starting out SO STRONG, I am wary.)
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Someone needs to take my internet away

My hand on a Bible, I swear I was going to start (earnestly) on The Book today.

That was, until Thursday, when someone on ohnotheydidnt posted the Wikipedia page of People Who Have Disappeared Mysteriously, which leads to the list of unsolved deaths, and I found the Taman Shud Case (Warning: The dead guy's dead face is RIGHT THERE when you open the page. It isn't anything terrible; but still, I figure someone might have a squick and better safe than sorry.), which I've seen mentioned a couple of times on Cracked*. . .and, guys, I fell down the plot bunny rabbit hole.

*Honestly TVTropes, Wikipedia, and Cracked are, like, the Holy Trinity of Not Getting Shit Done Today (or This Weekend, as was my case).

What happened to him? Was he poisoned? Was he a spy? That Jestyn lady knew more than what she was saying, right? Who stole all his identification? Was he a Russian spy? How come someone did an excellent job of covering up his identity but left the book lying around? WAS HE AN AMERICAN SPY WHO PISSED OFF THE SOVIETS?

So this is the part where you need to talk me out of the painstaking work of research, plotting, developing a cast of characters--all of which I've started to do re: Taman Shud--and set me straight. Tell me that doing a one-off adult, crime novel is not the best way to go about breaking into the literary industry. This is the part where someone just needs to say, "Look, you've worked on The Book stuff for almost 4 years. You've got an interesting world, well-developed characters, a plot that knows where it's heading, etc, etc, etc." "FOR GOD'S SAKES, THERE'S ALWAYS NANO!" (But you were going to do that other novel.)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I was going to do a Top 5 countdown of sorts for V-Day; but that didn't work out. FYI, I've queue'd a bunch of posts of my favorite/memorable pairings on my Tumblr for tomorrow. (Rhoda, there's going to be a Homeland spoiler on there after 6pm, so be warned.)

Anyway, here's something that's relevant to, I think, everyone's interest. Enjoy.

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One of these days I won't post back-to-back Hannibal news


1. Molly Graham has been cast. I've heard nothing but good things about Venus in Fur and Hugh and Nina's chemistry together. (The play apparently was, uh, VERY steamy and sexy.) It bums me out, then, that we're getting dropped into their relationship and they couldn't have Molly appear earlier in the season pre-marriage.

2. Season 3 Trailer (Spoilers obviously; and since I don't how spoiled one of us Fannibals wants to be, I'll avoid talking about it openly other than saying [Spoiler (click to open)]BEDELIA, YOU IN DANGER, GIRL!)

3--AND MOST FUCKING IMPORTANTLY--. WE HAVE OUR REBA! I am here for it. I loved Rutina in the first two seasons of True Blood. (I only watched the first two; but I heard they did her/Tara dirty by the end. Hopefully history won't repeat itself here.) I loved that Fuller and Co. went outside of what was expected. And while I agree with gothrockrulz that Emily Watson is my benchmark for Reba, I think Rutina will be great. Now tell me how many episodes Rutina/Reba is going to be in KTHNX.
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I promise a real, personal update in the coming days.

Two updates:

1. Molly Graham is being cast right now. (And there's gonna be another fucking time jump in the middle of the season into the Red Dragon storyline, and uggggggghhhhhh, the writer in me is cringing.)

2. Since everyone is/was wondering about its premiere date and I (stupidly) suggested March/April: From an NBC executive, Hannibal won't premiere until Summer. Oops. (Though, I'm okay with this because a lot of my TV shows are coming back in March and April, and at least there will be SOMETHING to watch in this summer.)

An aside: I think I'm gonna put a moratorium on discussing S3 of Hannibal because with each detail that comes out, the lower and lower my expectations get, and I hate to be the person raining on everyone's parades with "yeah, but. . ." Unless Reba gets cast, then we can all celebrate.
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Wanna play a movie game?

This is for Rhoda's benefit because I think I broke her brain when I admitted that I had never, ever seen The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Bolded are the movies I've seen
Italic titles are movies on my to-watch list

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I'm, um, okay with this. . .I guess? The Hannibal casting hasn't let me down yet; but, uh, honestly the only thing I've ever seen Richard Armitage in is Captain America: The First Avenger. . .and he wasn't in it long. And I, like, love Ralph Fiennes's version. . .so I'm torn. . .but excited. . .but. . .cautious.


Now fucking cast Reba and Molly and I'll be happy as a peach.
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The Writer WHAT?

It occurred to me after doing that WiP Meme that I've never explained where my self-descriptor of being an "anachronistic writer" came from. So, I'll let you in on the secret: Of the books I pulled quotes from--The Watchmaker Series, The Corvis Chronicles, and the Nutcracker Retelling--they were all originally set in modern time*. Yes, every single one.

First, in case it's not in your vernacular:

anachronism > noun 1. a thing belonging to a period other than the one in which it exists. 2 the placing of something in the wrong historical period.

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